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SPLIT 1, 2 & 3


Split 1, for one perfomer; Split 2 for two performers; Split 3 for three perfomers

Split 1 Premier ENDKADENZ 24/11/22

Split 2 Premiered @Foresty International Music Festival 30/07/22
Split 3 Premier July 2023



The guitar body has been microphoned with several contact microphones; the black paper tape works both as a surface on which to play and as a means of amplification of the voice; you can sing or speak in the corrugated tube, or use it as a percussion instrument; the latex surface is microphoned with a contact microphone placed directly on it; manipulating and playing it you get different sounds. Finally, several instruments were placed onto the body, such as a daxophone and a small drum.

photo_2022-08-23_19-10-19 (2)_edited.jpg


Two pickups are placed on the fingerboard, in order to amplify the two prepared strings, split in two parts by violin bridge.

Salterio and mobile pickup

Salterio amplified by mobile pickup.

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